Oct 2012


We don’t believe that having a child in preschool means that parents and grandparents must feel disconnected from their child during the day, or that they must miss out on important events and milestones in their children’s lives. For this reason, we have adopted the latest technology to maintain a digital link between parent and child through such innovative programs as LuvNotes™ & Kiddie Cams™.

In efforts to help foster strong parent/teacher relationships and to provide parents with added piece of mind thorough their day, we are excited to announce a new FREE service that all our schools rolled out this week – LuvNotes™, an electronic communications and reporting system! We are the developers of this cutting-edge technology and are very excited to be offering it to our families and as a tool for our Teachers, Directors, and Franchisees!

Parents will be able to access the secured LuvNotes™ system via any computer or smartphone with internet access. When parents log in or receive email notifications of report completion, they will have access to Classroom Snapshots (which will include a list of planned activities for the day, menu details, announcements, etc.) personalized Daily Reports (with notes on specific activities, disposition/mood, sleeping and eating habits during the day, etc.) and best of all, photos and videos of your child(ren)!

A few of the many benefits include:

  • Fast and convenient to view announcements, daily reports, photos and videos either through the app or website
    • Parents even receive immediate email notifications when these reports are ready to be viewed!
    • Provides an in-depth understanding of each child’s day, so parents can feel comfort and peace of mind…and most of all a continued CONNECTION to their child while they are away
    • Helps establish closer communication and builds relationships between parents and teachers
    • More secure and environmentally-friendly than traditional paper reporting
    • More classroom friendly and manageable for busy teachers
    • Provides us with an additional innovative benefit that distinguishes Little Sunshine’s in any community we do business as THE industry leader

We’re striving to not only exceed our families’ expectations and to provide them with the best preschool experience possible but also to provide our professional team with the tools and resources that make teaching fun and keeps Little Sunshine’s on the cutting edge!  LuvNotes™ is a beautiful system that accomplishes all of the above!!!

Rochette Dahler, President/CEO/Founder