Leaving your children in the care of others can be hard and stressful for parents. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool® is proud to offer peace of mind for parents through our secured Kiddie Cams™, a proprietary tool that allows parents of enrolled students to view our classrooms in real-time from monitors placed within the school, and our LuvNotes™ platform, a tool developed by Little Sunshine’s Playhouse to help maintain open lines of communication between teachers and parents throughout the day.

It is natural for parents to be concerned over their children’s safety outside of their own care. Our Kiddie Cams™ offer secured viewing access, lending comfort to parents, plus an extra layer of accountability for Little Sunshine’s Playhouse staff. Parents love having the opportunity to view their child participating in classroom activities, lessons and engagement with their classmates.

Communication and transparency are at the core of trust and are part of our school’s mission. Families who have experienced faulty lines of communication with child care facilities know how frustrating the unknown can be. The LuvNotes™ platform was created as an easy-to-use application to keep teachers and parents on the same page. Parents love this system for the daily communication benefits, an ability to stay informed on everything from the daily menu and planned activities, to their child’s nap quality and temperament.

In a world filled with unknowns, Little Sunshine’s Playhouse parents ultimately love these services for their security and peace of mind they provide parents while their children are in our care.