We believe nothing is more important than providing a caring, healthy and safe environment for children, and that’s where a strong partnership like ours with the PBF really shines. Philanthropy is an ethical value we wish to encourage and model for every child in our programs. That sentiment extends beyond the direct impact we have on children and families at our schools to our founding sponsorship of the Pediatric Brain Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting families and scientists working toward comfort, care and cures for children impacted with pediatric brain related injuries, diseases and cancers.

The work at the Pediatric Brain Foundation is an extension of that passion and dream that all children should be able to grow healthy and enjoy their childhood. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse executives, Rochette and Matt Dahler, have stepped into roles as board members and advocates for change in pediatric neurology and neuro-oncology with a personal mission. The Little Sunshine’s Playhouse’s sponsorship includes nationally hosted fundraisers, ongoing local community involvement and focused awareness raising through an extensive network of families nationwide.  You can learn more about the Pediatric Brain Foundation at www.pediatricbrainfoundation.org.