Mrs. Kaley

Director of Expansion

Kaley began her journey with Little Sunshine’s Playhouse in August 2010 as a Teacher’s Assistant at Springfield III. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Development (with an emphasis in Early Childhood and Administration) and her Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Management, both from Missouri State University.

While having the opportunity to execute responsibilities from every level of a school’s team, Kaley learned exactly how a successful school operates from the ground up. She learned what it takes for a school, and more importantly the students, to be successful. She has a passion for children, but that passion reaches beyond one classroom and she now focuses on bringing the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse program and philosophy to children across the country. After spending a year under the guidance and leadership of CEO, Rochette Dahler, Kaley knew she wanted her relationship with this inspiring company to transition into a lifelong career. She was promoted to the Onboarding Specialist, and just six months later took over Marketing, as well. She served as Director of Marketing for two years before her love of pre-operation and expansion took on a larger role and she was able to shift over to the construction part of operations and was appointed the first Director of Expansion of Little Sunshine’s Enterprises in 2017.

As Director of Expansion, Kaley oversees the expansion in all new and existing markets.  She works closely with the developer and onsite construction team to guarantee timely and successful delivery. She actively assists and supports school leadership with every aspect of the critical construction phases, including marketing, pre-operations and setup. Kaley is goal and detail-oriented and has an unrivaled passion for perfection in operations.

From the first steps of development through the first year of operations, Kaley is an integral partner in success for every new school and program.