248336_10100867407156073_1320052236_nWhen you look at this picture, what do you see? You may be thinking, I see a handful of dandelions and a rock, or you might even be asking yourself why we’re looking at this picture in the first place. When you look at a picture like this, the thought of it being a gift from a child to their mother probably doesn’t cross your mind.  As mothers and fathers, we often times may find ourselves taking the simple things in life for granted, when in reality those are the things that we should deeply cherish.

As a mother myself, when I look at this picture, I see so much love and deep thought coming from this child’s heart and mind. While playing outside one day, this child constructed this beautiful masterpiece flower by flower, and gave it to his mother as a gift. When I look at this picture I put myself in this mother’s shoes and can feel the joy and warmth that consumed her heart during that moment! The same feeling you might get when you think of that sweet smell babies have after a bath, the same feeling you get when your child comes running up to you and squeezes a tight hug around your leg, and that same feeling you might get when you truly take the time to think about all of the other “little” things that your children do for you! These simple things are what make being a mother and a father a true privilege and honor! So, what do you see when you look at this picture?

Cardinal, MackenzyMackenzy Longley-Mother of 2

Corporate Support Professional