Parent-child relationships are one of the most crucial components of child development. The most important and the earliest relationship children have is with their parents, siblings, grandparents, and teachers. Having a good relationship with your children will shape how they adapt to the world as they navigate childhood. As a parent, it is essential to instill these values early so your children can adapt to the different situations they will

If you’re the parent or caregiver of a preschooler, there’s no need to wait for kindergarten to help your child start learning about math. In fact, kids can learn about math at young ages. Toddlers can learn to count, while preschool-age children can do even more. Getting children started in math early will prepare them for their academic career. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children,

Research continues to prove the sooner you get your child started with reading fundamentals, the better readers they will become in the long run. However, despite getting an early start, some children still face hurdles when it comes to mastering reading skills and improving as time goes on. As parents, we often wonder why our children are having a harder time than others and what can be done to remedy

When we think of emotional intelligence, we usually think of it as a skill that adults need, but emotional intelligence begins to develop in childhood. Nurturing emotional intelligence in children is important for their success in interpersonal and social relationships in adulthood. Parents, caregivers, and teachers are tasked with finding effective ways to help children develop emotional intelligence to prepare them for a successful future. The concept of emotional intelligence

Children’s brains develop extremely fast, especially from birth to the age of 3. More broadly, the first eight years of a child’s life can build a foundation for future health and success. Research has demonstrated that quality early childhood is critical to proper brain development, and practically every experience during this time has a profound effect on brain growth. These experiences include interactions with parents, family, and caregivers, as well

Experts assert that children develop the skills they need to be good readers starting at birth and throughout infancy. Between ages 3 and 5 is an essential time for your children to develop the skills they need to be good readers, and many parents look for ways to make the most of their time reading. Not only is reading great for your child’s intellectual pursuits, but it is also proven

Which vaccines are mandatory for your child to enroll at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool®? 

Visual art plays an important role in our lives beginning at birth, according to science. In fact, one study even found that babies love Picasso! At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool®, we integrate art education into our proprietary Creatively Shine™ curriculum, including an Art Show that lets young artists proudly display their very own works for parents and teachers to admire.

When choosing a preschool for your little one, there are a lot of things to consider. From the atmosphere to the teachers, the choice can be overwhelming. One factor that is most important to consider when choosing a preschool is the quality of the curriculum. While the word “curriculum” might sound stuffy and academic, our curriculum is anything but. In fact, it is the backbone of what provides a well-rounded,


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