The teachers at our preschool programs across the county are the game changers. They are dedicated, passionate and truly know how to engage each of their students every day. The process of choosing just one teacher each month is tough, but we are pleased to announce that our 2019 January Teacher of the Month is Raquel Villa of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse of Gilbert at Val Vista! Here is some fun

Many parents wonder when their child is old enough to start learning about science. As it turns out, science is actually an important part of early childhood education, along with basic skills like reading and math. Science taps into preschoolers’ natural curiosity and helps them to cultivate a lifelong desire to learn. Young children need multiple ways to engage with science to help them grasp important concepts.

Not only do we read to students in the classroom, but at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool we also encourage parents to read to their children at home. As a Reggio Emilia school, we ensure book selections are age appropriate. We encourage you to ask questions before, after and during the book to help your children understand what they are hearing. You can help bring books to life and make

Using unconventional and creative containers in the classroom is one way to implement the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Adults may think of a container as something that merely holds objects, but children see containers as part of the activity or something to build with. Containers, when used properly, can help invite children to engage with objects and spark their imagination. They can build with containers or use containers to sort objects