Little Sunshine’s Playhouse has a magical announcement to make! Rochette and Matt Dahler, founders of the prestigious national Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Schools, and their team of dedicated staff will now be leading the Pediatric Brain Foundation: to bring information, hope and cures to families caring for children with neurological disorders, injuries and cancers across the globe. The Pediatric Brain Foundation focuses on all children suffering from neurological disorders, including those

2nd Annual Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Reunion and Conference We are excited to celebrate our 2nd Annual Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Reunion and Conference this weekend in Branson, Missouri. We are proud to share that we’ll have 100% school attendance participation and are thrilled to welcome our Franchisees, Directors and Corporate Team to spend the weekend learning, training and team-building with our extended Little Sunshine’s Playhouse family! The three day conference will

We are excited to announce that we have recently launched a new and improved website! This new site can easily be navigated to quickly access items you are looking for. Some of the exciting new additions and upgrades include the “Locations” tab, “Testimonials” tab, and “Educators” tab (with a brand-new “Educator Forum” that will be used by our entire team of educators to complete continued education and internal certification programs).


Oct 2012


We don’t believe that having a child in preschool means that parents and grandparents must feel disconnected from their child during the day, or that they must miss out on important events and milestones in their children’s lives. For this reason, we have adopted the latest technology to maintain a digital link between parent and child through such innovative programs as LuvNotes™ & Kiddie Cams™. In efforts to help foster

I am so excited to welcome you to the official blog for Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! Our team of early childhood education leaders will be regularly adding child-related content on this platform and we hope you find our entries helpful, informative and fun! We will be sharing helpful parenting tips, fun project ideas and valuable information on early childhood education, development and trends. Additionally, we will also keep you posted on


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