When you look at this picture, what do you see? You may be thinking, I see a handful of dandelions and a rock, or you might even be asking yourself why we’re looking at this picture in the first place. When you look at a picture like this, the thought of it being a gift from a child to their mother probably doesn’t cross your mind.  As mothers and fathers,

Preschool is such a special time in a young child’s life. There is so much happening in the span of child’s life from the period of 6 weeks of age to 6 years old. As a Program Director, I feel grateful for the opportunity and responsibility that the parent has entrusted our school to be a part of their child’s life and early childhood experience. As a dedicated Program Director,

We have all been there, walking down the store aisle, pushing our cart past the cookies and candies and shiny objects when our child grabs something from the shelf and demands to have it NOW! Or we are at the dinner table when little Jacob starts to talk with his mouth full of food. Or we find ourselves at the park or other venue with kids when to our horror,

Often times I find myself on the phone and hear these panicked words, “I feel a little silly calling, but I am expecting our first child, and I don’t know when I am supposed to start looking at preschools or daycares. Is it too early for me to start looking around, when should I start looking?” The answer is simple, “Now!” Whether you are the expectant parent above or the

Our Creatively Shine Curriculum™ theme this month is “Dinosaur Discovery”. The children will learn about different types of dinosaurs, they will go on fossil digs, safari adventures and have a lot of hands on experiences learning about dinosaurs. We love when parents get involved in activities at school and at home with their children, so we have included step by step instructions for an activity you can do at home


Oct 2012


We don’t believe that having a child in preschool means that parents and grandparents must feel disconnected from their child during the day, or that they must miss out on important events and milestones in their children’s lives. For this reason, we have adopted the latest technology to maintain a digital link between parent and child through such innovative programs as LuvNotes™ & Kiddie Cams™. In efforts to help foster

Goal setting is one of the most essential lessons that a child can by taught. By educating your children on the value of goal-setting, you’ll be empowering them to always achieve their best; consequently, increasing their chances for success in life. The basic principle behind goal setting with young children is to help them establish a long-term disposition of thinking, planning and taking necessary action to reach objectives. Thus, except

I am so excited to welcome you to the official blog for Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! Our team of early childhood education leaders will be regularly adding child-related content on this platform and we hope you find our entries helpful, informative and fun! We will be sharing helpful parenting tips, fun project ideas and valuable information on early childhood education, development and trends. Additionally, we will also keep you posted on