One of the best ways children learn is through Rhymes, Music and Movement. Learning music often leads to enhanced language skills. Children with stronger language skills are able to expressive their needs more clearly at a younger age; which increases your child’s ability to learn more effectively as he or she grows. But language is not the only benefit to highlight the significance of musical education. If children have a

Every parent has experienced the “joys” of tummy time. For some babies, being on their belly is an absolute blast, but for others, it can be a nightmare . . . at first. Even though lying on your stomach seems easy, to a baby, it is hard work! Being on her tummy requires your baby to use her head, neck, and back muscles to be able to look up and


Aug 2013

What’s To Eat?

Nutrition is a hot trending topic amongst all ages. Eating healthy is being discussed everywhere and that’s a good thing. However it can be overwhelming with the wealth of information that is dispersed through social media. A person must also decide what truly is legit versus someone’s opinion. We know it is beneficial to eat healthy but why isn’t this life style adopted by many? Here are some popular reasons:

As a parent we so often ask ourselves, “Will my child be ready for kindergarten?” We have checklists and guidelines, we go to the local super mass retail chain and buy enrichment materials; after all, you think to yourself, my child will be ahead of the game. Sure she is four and is fluent in Latin and can count to two hundred, but often times as parents we miss a

Kids bite for a number of reasons — and most of them aren’t intentionally malicious. As a Preschool Director, I have found over the years that children typically bite for the 5 main reasons listed below. They’re in pain. When babies bite, typically it’s because they’re teething. They’re just doing it to relieve the pain of their swollen, tender gums. They’re exploring their world. Very young children use their mouths to

I will never forget one particular present that my mom gave me for my 4th birthday. Even after all these years, I still remember how excited I was when I saw what was inside this big, plain brown box.  It was stuffed full of every art supply that a child could ever need! Needless to say, art and creativity played a large role in my formative years, and it is


Jul 2013

Napping 101

Napping 101  Consider yourself blessed, your child naps every day for two hours… Oh wait… they don’t?  Countless times parents tell me, “My child won’t nap at home, but he /she always takes a nap at school.” This comment is sometimes followed by, “How do the teachers do it?”  Below I have some simple pointers that I believe will make napping oh so easy… even for the faint of heart

Helpful Tips For Parents Who Have Children Transitioning Into Preschool             As a director of a preschool for many years, I have personally seen how hard it can be on parents to put their faith in someone else to care for their children while they are at work or school. There are some helpful tips that can help ease your mind and make this transition easier than you may expect.


Jun 2013

Summer Fun!

Fun, Fun for Everyone! Summer is here, which means your kids may be telling you they are bored, having nothing to do, or just plain hot. Beating the heat can be easy and cheap with these seven water activities, and the great thing is, none of them require a pool! Cold Potato You will need: Filled up water balloons Pushpin or tack Poke a hole is a water balloon with

1)    Have Fun with books- Use expression when you read, chose books you enjoy to read, when children see you reading for pleasure they want to read too!  2)    Notice Print All Around You- Let children handle books and help turn the pages. Babies will even put them in their mouths. Point out signs wherever you go! 3)    Talk, Talk, Talk- Point to objects and name them. When you come