I will never forget one particular present that my mom gave me for my 4th birthday. Even after all these years, I still remember how excited I was when I saw what was inside this big, plain brown box.  It was stuffed full of every art supply that a child could ever need! Needless to say, art and creativity played a large role in my formative years, and it is


Jul 2013

Napping 101

Napping 101  Consider yourself blessed, your child naps every day for two hours… Oh wait… they don’t?  Countless times parents tell me, “My child won’t nap at home, but he /she always takes a nap at school.” This comment is sometimes followed by, “How do the teachers do it?”  Below I have some simple pointers that I believe will make napping oh so easy… even for the faint of heart

Helpful Tips For Parents Who Have Children Transitioning Into Preschool             As a director of a preschool for many years, I have personally seen how hard it can be on parents to put their faith in someone else to care for their children while they are at work or school. There are some helpful tips that can help ease your mind and make this transition easier than you may expect.


Jun 2013

Summer Fun!

Fun, Fun for Everyone! Summer is here, which means your kids may be telling you they are bored, having nothing to do, or just plain hot. Beating the heat can be easy and cheap with these seven water activities, and the great thing is, none of them require a pool! Cold Potato You will need: Filled up water balloons Pushpin or tack Poke a hole is a water balloon with

1)    Have Fun with books- Use expression when you read, chose books you enjoy to read, when children see you reading for pleasure they want to read too!  2)    Notice Print All Around You- Let children handle books and help turn the pages. Babies will even put them in their mouths. Point out signs wherever you go! 3)    Talk, Talk, Talk- Point to objects and name them. When you come

We are excited to announce that we have recently launched a new and improved website! This new site can easily be navigated to quickly access items you are looking for. Some of the exciting new additions and upgrades include the “Locations” tab, “Testimonials” tab, and “Educators” tab (with a brand-new “Educator Forum” that will be used by our entire team of educators to complete continued education and internal certification programs).

With summer just around the corner we find ourselves thinking about activities we can do to beat the summer heat. 1. Baking in the summer– Trace your little one’s hands on sugar cookie dough. After the cookies are baked, decorate them together for a summer treat. 2. Masking Tape Floor Race Track– Host mini races and the winner receives a prize 3. Edible cereal art– Glue and cereal are all

When you look at this picture, what do you see? You may be thinking, I see a handful of dandelions and a rock, or you might even be asking yourself why we’re looking at this picture in the first place. When you look at a picture like this, the thought of it being a gift from a child to their mother probably doesn’t cross your mind.  As mothers and fathers,

Preschool is such a special time in a young child’s life. There is so much happening in the span of child’s life from the period of 6 weeks of age to 6 years old. As a Program Director, I feel grateful for the opportunity and responsibility that the parent has entrusted our school to be a part of their child’s life and early childhood experience. As a dedicated Program Director,

We have all been there, walking down the store aisle, pushing our cart past the cookies and candies and shiny objects when our child grabs something from the shelf and demands to have it NOW! Or we are at the dinner table when little Jacob starts to talk with his mouth full of food. Or we find ourselves at the park or other venue with kids when to our horror,