Time for some fun in the tub! Follow along with our Bath Fizzies craft tutorial to make your child’s next bathing session even more exciting. Homemade bath bombs are a fun, at-home activity the whole family will enjoy!   SUPPLIES: Unsweetened Lemon Drink Mix Flour or Cornstarch Baby Oil or Mineral Oil Baking Soda Food Coloring Teaspoon measuring cup Bowls Spoon Parchment paper or Wax Paper INSTRUCTIONS: Mix 2 teaspoons

Cooking may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about educating your child. Cooking with your kids can help give you control over the types of food that they consume while getting them excited to try something new. During the process of preparing meals, children not only get to participate in a fun activity with the family, but they also learn valuable skills like reading,

The activities just keep on coming. Follow along and make a craft version of everyone’s favorite camping treat. Supplies: Jumbo popsicle sticks White, black and pink Craft Paint Craft Paintbrushes Light brown and dark brown cardstock School Glue Kid-friendly scissors Instructions: You’ll assemble the base of your s’more by gluing the popsicle sticks together to look like a fence. Five next to each other and two on the back. Let

This easy at-home scavenger hunt is a great activity while teaching them about their ABC’s. Supplies: Posterboard Colorful markers Sticky Notes Tape Instructions: Write the alphabet on a poster board Hang the poster board on the wall Write a letter on each sticky note Hide all the sticky notes all over the house Search for the sticky notes and match the letter found to a letter on the poster board

Get a closer look at some of the mighty kings of the forest with our Bear Hunt Binoculars Craft tutorial. This simple, at-home activity is a fantastic way to improve fine motor skills while spending time with the family. Supplies needed: Book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen (optional) Binoculars: Toilet paper rolls or two empty cardboard tubes Washi tape or duct tape Glue or tape Map:

Leaves contain a variety of unique designs, each special in their own way. Explore their beautiful textures through our Leaf Rubbing Artwork tutorial and create something magnificent along the way. Supplies needed: Leaves (Fake or real) Plastic Wrap Construction paper Crayons (remove the paper wrapping) Instructions: Layout a piece of plastic wrap about the same size as your paper. Place the leaves on the plastic and gently press into place.

Parent-child relationships are one of the most crucial components of child development. The most important and the earliest relationship children have is with their parents, siblings, grandparents, and teachers. Having a good relationship with your children will shape how they adapt to the world as they navigate childhood. As a parent, it is essential to instill these values early so your children can adapt to the different situations they will