Rainforests & Deserts: At-Home Activity Have a Rainforest scavenger hunt by hiding various toy animals or animal pictures around the house, then give your children a scavenger hunt clues sheet to help them know what animals to look for: “I like to be crazy and can be quite a tease, bananas are my favorite as I swing through the trees. I’m a __________________.” “I scare lots of people when I

Rainforests & Desert: Reading List Cactus Hotel | Author: Brenda Z. Guiberson Creatures of the Desert World | Author: National Geographic Society Fernando’s Gift | Author: Douglas Keister In the Deep Red Desert | Authors: Angie Lionetto-Civa and Christina Booth Looking Closely in the Rainforest | Author: Frank Serafini One Hundred One Questions About Desert Life | Author: Alice Jablonsky Over the Jungle | Authors: Marianne Berkes and Jeanette Canyon “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth |

We had a great group of educators nominated for Teacher of the Month for February! Every month it seems like they all keep setting the bar higher and higher! We are definitely lucky to have them working here at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! Our February nominations are: Bailee Harris, Scottsdale Adela Betancourt, Leawood Riannon Shelley, Springfield III Sarah Mittelstadt, Springfield II Ashley Wright, Rogers Pationce Wright, Ozark Tiffany Gunderson, Colorado Springs

Safety: Reading List A Day at the Police Station | Author: Richard Scarry Be Safe, Blue! | Author: Phoebe Beinstein Berenstein Bears: Learn About Strangers | Author: Stan and Jan Berenstein Dinosaurs Beware! A Safety Guide | Author: Stephen Krensky Firefighters Speeding! Spraying! Saving! |Author: Patricia and Garofoli Hubbel I Can Be Safe | Author: Pat Thomas Red, Yellow, Green: What Do Signs Mean? | Author: Joan Holub Signs at

What an exciting start to the new year here at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! We are so fortunate to be starting 2015 with four new schools and so many amazing educators! We had many talented teachers nominated by their Program Directors this month, and had a tough time choosing our winner! January’s nominees were: Vanessa Richards, Scottsdale Ashlyn Pfannestiel, Leawood Monica Castro, Rogers Kayla Stewart, Springfield III Aaron Kimball, Springfield II

WOW! What a year 2014 has been! It has been a busy, successful and truly fulfilling year here at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse. Every single educator and management team member has contributed something special and lasting to our team. Our successes lay at the feet of our educators and we are lucky to have the BEST team in the industry teaching and learning with our kiddos every day. Throughout the year we

Staying Healthy in the Winter Months With the winter months, comes the dreaded season of sickness. Keeping kiddos illness-free is easier said than done, especially in a preschool setting, but following a few winter blues rules will help in keeping the flu monster out of your house this year! 1. Wash Your Hands Consistently washing your hands is the most effective method of staying healthy. Make sure you are teaching

Marshmallow Stamped Polar Bears Materials: Blue construction paper Pencil Tempera paint (white and black) Marshmallows Brush Directions: Show your child how to draw a polar bear out of simple shapes: circle, half of a circle (ears) and a part of a triangle for the body, then have him/her draw a polar bear on blue paper. Dip marshmallow in white paint to stamp head and body. Use a brush and black

Discovering the Arctic: Reading List  Berry Magic | Author: Teri Sloat and Betty Huffman  Fluff and Billy | Author: Nicola Killen  Kumak’s Fish | Author: Michael Bania  Mama, Do You Love Me? | Author: Barbara Josse  Millions of Snowflakes | Author: Mary Mckenna Siddals and Elizabeth Sayles  My Little Polar Bear | Author: Claudia Rueda  No Two Alike | Author: Keith Baker  North Pole, South Pole | Author: Nancy Smiler

We have had an exceptionally busy month of December at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! Everyone has been bustling with excitement over the Holiday Parties at all of the schools. This gave our wonderful teachers the perfect time to really shine in their classrooms. This led to many worthy teacher of the month nominations! The following women were nominated by their Program Directors: Kate Schmitz, Southlake Sarah Friesz, University City Kristie Karlson,