Parent involvement in a child’s education is critical in early childhood development and helping a child reach their full potential. Supporting evidence is overwhelming. Research shows parent involvement not only leads to higher academic achievement, greater cognitive and problem-solving skills.   Reading to your children also helps develop greater self-control, improved mental health, show advanced social and emotional development, become more resilient to stress, and have more positive relationships with their peers when their parents are involved

This button snail craft for kids is super cute and easy to make too! Supplies: Buttons Construction Paper Glue Scissors Instructions: First, you do is cut out a circle for the snail shell. (This is where the buttons will go!) Next, you will cut out the snail body. Glue both parts together, and then the fun can begin! Glue the front of the snail shell and start sticking those buttons

The first word most children learn to read is their name. Which is why the letters that make up their name are often the first letters a child learns to identify. This activity is a super fun way to help your child identify certain letters and build their name. Supplies: Posterboard or Cardstock (I used heavy Cardstock taped together) Painters Tape Black Marker Sticky Notes Scissors Instructions: Pick out your

Once you start eating these delicious Roasted Cinnamon Sugar Pecans you won’t be able to stop! This is a fun and easy at-home activity the whole family can help with. SUPPLIES: 1 Egg White 1 tablespoon Cinnamon, ground 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1 cup Sugar 2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract 1 lb Pecans (Note: This recipe can be made with a variety of nuts, not just pecans. Feel free to change it

Calling all future engineers! Building a pom pom drop wall is a great way for young children to work on their fine motor skills and to introduce engineering concepts to young children. Supplies: Paper Towel Tube or Gift Wrap Tube Toilet Paper Tube Painters Tape Scissors Construction Paper (any colors) Pom Poms (all sizes) Instructions: Pick out a wall and gather supplies Cut off pieces of tape and have ready

Teaching your toddlers and young children how to care for the planet is important. Some people may feel it is too much for young minds to process and can cause unnecessary worry in their daily lives. Others may believe that now is the best time for children to learn how to care for the planet due to their curiosity and love for the outdoors. Learning about environmental issues and prevention

With the weather getting nice we all want to go outside! This fun activity is a great one to do outside on that nice warm day. Grab these simple supplies and get outside and play! Supplies: Washable paint (any colors you like) Squirt guns Water Spoon Funnel Bowls Canvas, card stock or poster board Instructions: Gather all supplies Go outside Pour a small amount of water into the bowl Put

Put your creativity to work with this Butterfly Art activity. Follow along with our craft video tutorial to build a simple wall design that the little ones can decorate to their liking. Supplies: Scissors Pom Pom Balls (optional) Tissue Paper Crayon Contact Paper Pipe Cleaner Marker Googly Eyes Tape Cardstock or Construction Paper (We used 12 x 12) Instructions: Cut a sheet of contact paper to make your butterfly canvas