At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool, we are firm believers that our preschool teachers are the game-changers. They show up each day eager to educate, connect with and inspire their students. To continually honor our passionate educators, we identify and award a National Teacher of the Month each month. This award is highly regarded among our staff and is just one way we continually invest in our educators who make

If you’re the parent or caregiver of a preschooler, there’s no need to wait for kindergarten to help your child start learning about math. In fact, kids can learn about math at young ages. Toddlers can learn to count, while preschool-age children can do even more. Getting children started in math early will prepare them for their academic career. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children,

It is often said that the most valuable thing we can do is to give away our time. Volunteering is beneficial not only for those who receive help but for those who give it. Teaching kids to volunteer helps them develop important skills and also sets them up for success in other areas of their lives. According to the Director of the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning

Parents are tasked with teaching, protecting, and nurturing children while also providing life skills that help them develop into productive adults. As children grow, there are a variety of approaches to parenting that may be considered either beneficial or detrimental, depending on whom you ask. As parents become more educated about what works and what doesn’t, many are embracing positive parenting as a philosophy for raising resilient, capable, happy children.

Research continues to prove the sooner you get your child started with reading fundamentals, the better readers they will become in the long run. However, despite getting an early start, some children still face hurdles when it comes to mastering reading skills and improving as time goes on. As parents, we often wonder why our children are having a harder time than others and what can be done to remedy

In a perfect world, our children would be well-liked among their peers and welcome additions to any classroom. However, children who have trouble controlling their emotions frequently act out, and this often leads to frustration and embarrassment for parents—not to mention negative consequences for the child at school. A child with behavioral problems may also have trouble making friends if their behavior makes them unpleasant to be around. If your

When we think of emotional intelligence, we usually think of it as a skill that adults need, but emotional intelligence begins to develop in childhood. Nurturing emotional intelligence in children is important for their success in interpersonal and social relationships in adulthood. Parents, caregivers, and teachers are tasked with finding effective ways to help children develop emotional intelligence to prepare them for a successful future. The concept of emotional intelligence

At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, one of our favorite things is reading to our students. The look of awe and wonder on a child’s face during an exciting book is so special. Whether it’s the fun, engaging writing or the detailed illustrations, a good book is not only good for the soul, but also for early development. That’s why we also encourage parents to read to their children at home. This

Children’s brains develop extremely fast, especially from birth to the age of 3. More broadly, the first eight years of a child’s life can build a foundation for future health and success. Research has demonstrated that quality early childhood is critical to proper brain development, and practically every experience during this time has a profound effect on brain growth. These experiences include interactions with parents, family, and caregivers, as well