Heather Wilson

Director of Admissions

Heather’s career with Little Sunshine’s Playhouse began in 2009 as the Program Director for the Ozark, Missouri location. Heather graduated from Glendale High School, then obtained a B.S. in Communications from Missouri State University. Prior to her journey with Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, she’d worked in other early childhood centers from teaching to management for over 10 years.

At the end of 2014, Heather’s family relocated to Green Bay, Wisconsin for her husband’s job.  For nearly three years, Heather worked part time for a private preschool and also the public school as an aide where her youngest son attended.

In December 2017, Heather’s family was relocated back to her hometown of Springfield, Missouri. Her family was thrilled to come back to their hometown where their extended family and close friends reside. Heather’s connections with the LSP family was kept intact while she was away, in hopes someday she’d come back. This move provided the opportunity for Heather to do just that! Heather’s experience, along with her deep-rooted passion for Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, made it possible for her to help Little Sunshine’s Playhouse continue to achieve wide-spread success and growth. She accepted the position of Admissions Director in 2017.

Heather is committed to Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and all the employees and families each program impacts. She is proud of her role within the company and works diligently to ensure the best practices and processes are in place to provide a positive experience for everyone within the system.

Heather and her husband Jonathan have three children; Ava, Ethan, and Lincoln, a Little Sunshine’s Playhouse student.