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My grandson, Ethan Jones, is in the care of Ms. Angie Dillon, whom I have come to know and love. I stop by periodically to visit Ethan, and am always welcomed enthusiastically by Ms. Angie and Ms. Valerie. I could not ask for a better environment and "super-specia"l care provider for my little Ethan, than Ms. Angie. I know my son and daughter-in-law, Tim and Jessica Jones, love her as much as I do. They feel extremely comfortable in leaving their most precious position in her care everyday.
I especially enjoy the fact that, as Ethan's Granna, (Grandma and Nanna, combined - cool, isn't it!) I have an invitation to come and visit him, hold, rock, feed, read, etc., as often as I would like. At six months of age, this access means a great deal to his Granna!
My son and his wife are fortunate to have Little Sunshine Playhouse, and most especially, Miss Angie, as their daycare provider for Ethan.
Thank you all so very much. I am welcomed by all whom I encounter as I enter your world!
Fran Jones

by Samantha Briggs on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

My mommy love tank is full each day I drop my daughter off at Little Sunshine's Playhouse. As we pull into the parking lot she says "yay, school!" When we walk into her classroom, she embraces her teachers and friends. As I go to leave, she waves goodbye and smiles big. This is how I know she is in the right place. Besides the immaculate physical appearance of the LSP, the staff is truly kind, caring, and passionate about making a difference in these young lives. My daughter has been there for two years now and has excelled in all aspects. While I'm impressed with her knowledge and socialization skills, I'm so proud of the manners she is taught at LSP. Thank you all for the hard work, dedication, and compassion you give not only my daughter, but all the children at LSP.

by Alison Barrett on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

Our son had his last day at Little Sunshine this week before he starts Pre-K at our local school. It was bittersweet since our experience at LSP was incredible. Our son is far more prepared for school than his older brother was at the same age. LSP makes learning such a priority. Their approach to education is spot-on. Our son loves to count, write, and he is starting to sound out words. In addition, the teachers are top-notch. All of them care about their students and they are very good at communicating with the families/parents about the child's progress. We worked together as a team when we had to address any situation, which was a very different experience than our prior school. Thank you LSP for an amazing journey! We know our son is set up for success as he takes his next step into Pre-K!

We switched to Little Sunshine's Playhouse at a VERY stressful time for our family. My daughter, Jayne (14 mos.), started at LSP the same day I was induced to have my son. I cannot begin to tell you the peace of mind that all the teachers and staff at LSP have given our family through this MAJOR transition. The facilities are top-notch and I have thoroughly enjoyed the "Watch Me Grow" cameras that allow me to see how Jayne is developing and learning. She has come so far in the short time that we've been attending, but it's evident in her communication and coordination. It's also a pleasure to catch the tender moments between her and different staff members and I can't wait for Eli (my son) to start at LSP once he hits 6 weeks. The Luv Notes program is another that adds to our confidence in our decision to enroll. The communication between parents and staff is key! We feel blessed to have found such a gem and would recommend and have recommended Little Sunshine's Playhouse to our friends and family in a heartbeat.

by Naya Campbell on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

Everyone knows that a child can push a button or two. I know if my youngest son had the chance, he would get in an elevator and push everything possible, emergency stop included. Children push buttons everyday. Especially if there are up to 135 kids in a building. Imagine that big group of kids looked after by a big group on super sassy but loving ladies in that building. That's exactly what LSP is. These ladies work as hard as possible to ensure kids are fed, rested, loved, and encouraged mentally and physically. In addition to teaching, kids are kept as clean as possible. That is not the easiest thing when kids are playing in paint, dirt and diapers. I admire these ladies very much for being able to continue getting their buttons pushed a few times a day. They are amazing and not everyone realizes how amazing. I was there for almost 5 years as one of those sassy but loving ladies. If it wasn't for returning to school and having to care for my family I am sure I would still be there. I can't think of a better place to take a child to be raised other than LSP.

by Donson Family on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

Our daughter has been attending LSP I for two and half years now. She has come a long way and has really come out of her shell. There have been many amazing teacher that are no longer there and many that are still there that have helped her to blossom. We like to specially recognize Ms. Naya for all she had done for our lovely daughter. Ms. Naya has such a positive and loving attitude everyday no matter what. Ms. Naya is always very sweet and the kids love her, including our daughter. Dose not matter if she is tired or not feeling well, she always has a smile and welcoming attitude. This has meant so much to our family and we are so thankful that she has been there the whole time our daughter has been there. Thank you, Ms. Naya! words can't began to express our gratitude for all you have done for our sweet girl and thank you for always been so loving, caring and sincere. You are truly a gem and we are thankful for who you are and being in our daughter's live.

by Callison Family on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

We could not say enough about this school. It is truly the best anyone could ask for. Our daughter has learned so much! They greet us every morning and afternoon, the teachers are amazing with the kids, and Gianna never cries because she has to go to school. That's a big deal! We appreciate this school and staff so much. We never have to worry about our daughter while she is in those their care. And the cameras are so awesome when you just miss seeing your sweet baby. I would -and do- recommend Little Sunshine to everyone!

by Ashley Breckenridge-Campos on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

Program Director, Abby, sent an email out today about the weather and how they had practiced what to do during a tornado. Well when I went to pick up Olivia today while I was there Benton County went under tornado warning. By far one of the scariest feelings I've ever felt just complete terror when you have no control over the situation at hand. Well Abby, Whitney and all of the teachers were amazing! They put the practice to use and had all of the kids in the center of the school with books and all huddled together before I was out of Olivia's room. It was amazing to see how calm and collected they were in the situation. They had a plan and executed it beautifully. I have full faith in the girls at LSP and after seeing how together they were and had the entire situation under control, it really puts you at easy as a parent knowing that if Heaven forbid something did actually happen, they would have the situation handled. You have an AMAZING Team at LSP! I Could not ask for a better group of ladies to care for my child when I'm not there. Just wanted to share with you how incredible those gals are and how thoroughly impressed I was today! We love them and their love for the kids there shows... especially in situations like today. :-]]

by Irvine Family on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

A little over a year ago, our daughter was in another day care prior to Little Sunshine's that we were becoming very unhappy with. We were looking around at several others when I met someone whose children attended LSP. They couldn't say enough good things about the staff and the facility. I have been so pleased since our decision to enroll here. The teachers are very attentive to your child's needs. I appreciate how loving they are and how they communicate with the parents on how the child's day was etc. My daughter (who is now 3) has blossomed since coming to LSP. They really helped the potty training process which was a huge help for working parents. Some other things that I really like about LSP is how clean everything is, the sense of security with having the cameras and double door entry, the low turnover with teachers and staff, the curriculum and special events they do for the children. There are just so many great things I could go on and on. Thank you to Abby and Whitney and ALL the wonderful teachers/staff who have been so caring and wonderful to our daughter and our family.

by Craig and Julia Spears on Little Sunshine's Playhouse

We have been so pleased with our experience with Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool. Both of our sons have attended the school and love it!

Our oldest now attends elementary school, and was definitely prepared for Kindergarten when he started thanks to his LSP teachers. I was impressed by how well his LSP teachers kept him interested in learning important Pre-K concepts by using activities and techniques that engaged a variety of learning styles, including kinesthetic learning. I was also impressed by how well they personally knew my son's strengths and weaknesses, in regards to an academic setting and Kindergarten preparation.

Our youngest just started in the three year old classroom, and while he is still transitioning, I've been so impressed by the communication between his teachers (Ms. Diana, Ms. Kaelen, Ms. Selena), Ms. Whitney (the assistant director), and Ms. Abby (the director) with us. There has always been open communication and an "it takes a village" attitude about helping him transition smoothly. I've been highly impressed by Ms. Abby's and Ms. Whitney's experience with working with young children -- they've really drawn upon that knowledge to come up with new strategies to use to help make his transition a smooth one. And, all of the teacher's have had a positive and open attitude about trying new techniques to ensure that he has success. I know that they have gone above and beyond for us, and I am so grateful for them.

Above all, I feel confident leaving my son at LSP every day because I know that HE feels safe and LOVED there! And, as parent, I know he will be treated as if he were their own. What more could you ask for?!

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