Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool practices selective admissions. This means that interested families are interviewed by the program directors and or lead teaching staff and are accepted for enrollment on a competitive basis for the limited openings that come available contingent upon withdraws and graduations.

Competition at each age can be keen, and there are usually more qualified applicants than spaces. Candidates not admitted are encouraged to reapply or be placed on a waiting list.  Pre-approved candidates may pay a non-refundable deposit and be placed on a pre-selected waiting list…therefore guaranteeing the next available opening, in order of pre-selection.  All applications for enrollment are accepted and evaluated without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or any physical/mental impairment.

The Deciding Enrollment Criteria Includes:

A good personality and philosophy match with our program values and operations,
Friendly and involved families,
Child screening results,
Need of long term services,
Available openings, and
Ability to pay for services.

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse provides quality educational programs for infants six-weeks of age through pre-kindergarten.  Children are placed and promoted within classrooms based upon individual development and by age.  The program director and parent will mutually evaluate the proper placement for each child based upon the following classroom descriptions, individual development milestones met, and program availability.

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