Ask any parent what sets Little Sunshine’s Playhouse apart… and you’ll get a variety of answers (See Testimonials)!  Our distinctive services have been developed to meet specific connection, communication, security, nutrition, and convenience desires of our families while also positioning Little Sunshine’s as an Early Care innovator!

kiddie-camsKiddie Cams™

Our secured Kiddie Cams™ allow families to monitor their children via any computer in the world with internet access. This feature is valuable to grandparents who live far away! The cameras are set up in every classroom and on the playground. They show full color and are always LIVE! Kiddie Cams™ are secured by user name and password so that only parents and close family members would be able to view them. The passwords are changed periodically for additional security.


Our LuvNotes™ system is a user-friendly, secured platform that allows us to stay in better communication with parents throughout the day. When parents log into the LuvNotes™ system, they will see a classroom snapshot, (which will include a list of planned activities for the day, menu details, announcements, etc.) personalized daily reports (with notes on specific activities, disposition/mood, sleeping and eating habits during the day, etc.) and photos and videos of their child(ren). Parents will be able to access this secure information via web interface or any smartphone with internet access, they will also receive email notification when their child’s reports are available.

Red Carpet Service™

Our Red Carpet Service™ facilitates fast, easy, and fun morning drop-offs. This service is offered during the busiest time each morning to help keep drop-off running quickly and to provide an additional convenience to parents. When a parent pulls up to the designated drive lane, a school manager will greet the family, assist  with getting the child out of the vehicle, and will then escort the child to class.  We’ve found this to be not only a service of convenience to families, but also a great tool to combat separation anxiety in toddlers.  The entrance to our facilities are secured.  Families will need a numeric pass-code to enter the building. Additionally, our child release policies are strictly enforced for your child’s protection.

Menu Planning

Meal Service is taken very seriously by our menu planners and school cooks. We understand the positive long-term impact of providing children with healthy, nutrient-rich meals; therefore, our menus (posted weekly) include only the freshest ingredients and exceed all nutritional guidelines.  We ask that parents bringing in celebratory items for events or birthdays to consider our nutritional goals and discuss treat selections with your School Director.

Additional Features

Some additional features will vary slightly from program to program. Refer to individual Little Sunshine’s Playhouse locations for your school’s special features. They may include:

  • Nature Center Facilities: Outdoor nature-based learning environment equipped with bird feeders, walking paths, vegetable gardens and labeled trees, bushes, and flowers
  • Indoor Sunshine Playhouse: Themed playhouse in the common hallway
  • Theatre Stage: Used for school productions
  • Extra activities: Dance, soccer, yoga, music, science labs, computer labs, Sign Language and Foreign Language