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Little Sunshine’s Playhouse maintains an identity and brand image of unrivaled distinction in preschool and early childhood education. Our facilities serve as a castle for a “Once Upon A Time” experience that enables each child to develop their imagination. Imbued throughout with old-world appeal, our facilities are professionally designed to maximize each child’s personal experience. In conjunction with enhanced interiors, Little Sunshine’s Playhouse features a theater stage, a landscaped nature center conducive to healthy, outdoor play and a variety of customized, age-appropriate playground equipment.

We offer a master planned and Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum, Creatively Shine™, which is based off the newest research and trends to prepare young children to enter their educational career equipped with cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language skills. We use industry-leading technology in our programs to provide exclusive services such as our secured Kiddie Cams™ that allow parents to watch their child via a smart phone or computer, our LuvNotes™ system which is an electronic communication system that allows teachers to send parents personalized notes, pictures and videos of their children during the day, a Red Carpet™ morning drop-off service and secured entry. These unique characteristics and distinctive services differentiate Little Sunshine’s Playhouse as the premier preschool and child care concept.

Year after year, classrooms of our children graduate into their next level of education. Our graduates are equipped with academic and social accomplishments and have a deep sense of self-worth and philanthropy. It is our hope that our students and their families will hold their experiences with Little Sunshine’s Playhouse close to their heart for years to come.


Our philosophy is children learn best and develop to their fullest potential through active participation in a wide variety of activities which take place in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. Positive self-image is enhanced by developing personal independence and by learning how to communicate and get along with each other. Positive self-esteem is developed when children’s individual abilities and differences are recognized and valued. In order to carry out this philosophy, our program:

  • Provides planned activities which encourage and stimulate the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development of each child.
  • Provides a safe, secure, and nurturing atmosphere that encourages children to actively explore the world around them.
  • Provides opportunities for exploration and discovery in a wide variety of activities such as music, art, cooking, dramatic play, storytelling, and problem solving.
  • Provides indoor and outdoor experiences which enhance the development and coordination of large and small muscles.

Ethics = Reputation

The public image and reputation of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse is one of its most valuable and enduring assets of the individual franchise owners, staff, and all enrolled families.  The reputation of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse can only be achieved and maintained with clear expectations, long term vision, and a commitment to ethical operations flourishing within the company.

Leadership within the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse system thrives and is based on the core values of honesty, candor, responsiveness, innovation, equality, stability, respect, attention to detail, adaptability, involvement, consistency, and market aggressiveness.  We commit to sharing ideas and information and to face challenges in clear and direct terms. Furthermore, we will be sincere in word, act and character; reputable and without deception.


Pediatric Brain Foundation

We believe nothing is more important than providing a caring, healthy and safe environment for children, and that’s where a strong partnership like ours really shines. Philanthropy is an ethical value we wish to encourage and model for every child in our programs. That sentiment extends far beyond the direct impact we have on children and families at our schools and lead to our founding sponsorship of the Pediatric Brain Foundation.

The work at the Pediatric Brain Foundation is an extension of that passion and dream that all children should be able to grow healthy and enjoy their childhood. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse executives have stepped into roles as board members and advocates for change in pediatric neurology and neuro-oncology with a personal mission; they want to lead the team that identifies breakthrough scientific research for cures. The Little Sunshine’s Playhouse’s sponsorship includes nationally hosted fundraisers, ongoing local community involvement and focused awareness raising through an extensive network of families nationwide.